That 70's Channel - The Biggest Hits of the 70’s and More

Founded July 2002

In 1999 Live365, a platform for internet radio stations, was founded by two roommates from Princeton. It was something new in the Internet world where one could start their own Radio Station, online. A few years later in the studios of a local Radio Station, one fateful Saturday night changed my life when a few of my fellow DJs mentioned something about “Internet Radio.” That Monday, I asked one of my students about it.

“Oh, It's Called ‘Live365’,” Ken (my student assistant) replied. “I just signed up for a couple of those so-called stations.”

 Ken gave me one of those stations to try out (at that time they were free). I uploaded some music and in a short amount of time, I had a Radio Station.

 Fast forward to July 2002, I was talking to my future Music Director and close friend, Michael.We agreed it was time to do "Real Radio" on the internet.

 We decided the music should be based in the 70's. I had a great music library called "Have a Nice Decade" to start. In thinking up a name for the station, I liked the word "Channel." Michael came up with "That." After checking to see if the domain was available, minutes later “That 70's Channel" was born.

 Over the next few months, I developed the logo and website and added more songs.Another close friend and fellow radio alum Lance produced the Station Imaging.

 I remember being excited to see just one or two listeners online in the early days.

 Over the past nineteen years, growth was steady and mighty. Even after experiencing a few setbacks along the journey, the milestones were plenty. 

As one of the original broadcasters on Live365, we became part of the “X5000” program, a program that made it possible to webcast and afford the performance royalties imposed by the U.S. Congress. Donations were solicited from VIP memberships which covered the royalties, and any remaining donations were gladly given to pet rescues and other charities.

In 2010 we were overjoyed to carry the syndicated “Charlie Tuna - The 70's.” It was the gold standard for our weekend lineup. Unfortunately, we lost Charlie in 2016. He is still missed today. 

In 2013 we welcomed the “Arnold Almanac” with Jay Arnold, a daily feature.

In 2014 That 70's Channel was Principally Trademarked and now protected. 

The Webcaster Settlement Act of 2009 expired in January 2016, ending a 10-year period in which smaller online radio stations, Live365 among them, could pay reduced performance royalties.

 The waters loomed uncertain as 2016 came around. Live365 shut its doors and small webcasters faced the peril of being forced out of business due to the exorbitant new royalty costs.

 In 2016, Live365 was reborn from the ashes, thanks to our streaming partner SoundStack/Empire Streaming. SoundStack’s CEO Jon Stephenson bought the rights to the Live365 name and resurrected it to be a home for small and large internet broadcasters, providing a solution for stations to pay their royalties, which is the largest expense in the internet industry.

 That 70's Channel has become a leader in internet radio, one of only a handful of stations that can boast 20 years on the air, successfully providing service to a worldwide audience. 

In 2017 we welcomed Dennis Constantine and Today's Top 10 as a daily feature.

In 2018 we welcomed our first hosts, Bob, Susan, Jeremy, Bud, and Chewy.

In 2019 we joined forces with Boss Media Worldwide and strengthened our position as part of a seven-station network, reaching millions of listeners worldwide every year.

In 2020 we welcomed Studio B,a Dance and Disco show,to our Weekend lineup Saturday nights.

In 2021 That 70's Channel became a member of the iHeart Radio Network.

In 2022 we added “MAB Hollywood” Movie Review with Matias Bombal as a Weekend feature.

On July 3rd, 2022, we celebrated our 20th year playing “The Biggest Hits of the 70's and more”. 

The most important part of this adventure is“You,” our listeners. We love playing all this great music and being a part of your life every day. Drop us a comment anytime using the Feedback tab on our site. All of us here at “That 70’s Channel” raise a glass to you and say:


WE LOVE THE 70’s and Thank You